Delcour Solutions LLC

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An Advisor Specializing in Technology for SMB & Law Firms

Business Before Technology

A business is more than its product or service. It is an accumulation of organizational experience and management. New technology must repect a business' internal methods to be useful. Matching technology to a business requires a deep appreciation for institutional knowledge.

Common Sense Security

Security technology costs businesses exorbitant fees and productivity losses with limited practical success. Every business requires different degrees and types of security protocols. Often, the best time and money spent focuses more on practices and less on expensive software.

Simplicity Over Features

Software developers and salespeople promise the world with every upgrade or new product, but a business does not surive on new features alone. The best technology strips away the excess and simplifies processes, promoting efficiency and productivity.

I am Michael Delcour and I help law firms and small to medium-sized businesses understand their options for all things technological. I work with clients from design and development to implementation and management of tailored technology solutions. Because of my vast knowledge of available products and services, combined with my background in litigation support, coding, networking, and business administration, I have a unique skill set that sets me apart. I take pride in my ability to explain complex technology in plain English so that my clients truly understand their options. Moreover, I take the time to understand my clients’ businesses and develop solutions with an eye toward reliability, cost effectiveness, and low maintenance expense.