Delcour Solutions LLC

Technology Simplified for Business

About Michael Delcour

I have been building and fixing computers for over 20 years and have been designing websites for over 20 years. I have serviced IT infrastructure in a commercial setting for over 10 years. Technology is in my blood and when I have not been working with technology, I have been reading and learning about technology.

After graduating with honors from the Univeristy of Chicago, I expanded my expertise from technology service to electronic document management. As a paralegal for one of the world’s largest law firms, Kirkland & Ellis, I became an expert at organizing, cataloguing, and storing data so that it was easily accessible. After graduating from law school, I did double-duty as a federal litigator and technology director for a boutique firm. I applied my technological and paralegal background to the small business setting and learned to do more with less, saving my law firm money and increasing productivity, giving the firm a competitive advantage.

Since starting Delcour Solutions LLC, I have served dozens of law firms and small and medium-sized business working on nearly every aspect of IT management. I am always learning about the businesses I serve and the ever-growing options for solving technology conundrums.

I love solving computer problems and designing technological solutions. I believe in simple, elegant answers that build upon existing workflows, augmenting the function of business without impeding it.